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Pest Management in Staten Island, NY

Accurate Pest Control in Staten Island, New York, offers pest management services including termite control and wildlife removal.

No Bugs Are Safe

Our staff can take care of any type of pest or insect problem. We offer full termite service for your home or business including inspection, treatment, and fumigation.

Be Free from:

• Bees
• Fleas
• Carpenter Ants
• Rodents
• Spiders
• Termites

• Roaches
• Bed Bugs
• Wasps

Pest, Termite Control in Staten Island, NY

Home Inspection

We offer pre-purchase home inspections, examining piping, plumbing, electrical, and more. All of our inspectors are licensed and experienced. We inspect homes of all sizes and our fees are based on the size of the home. At the end of the inspection a report is given to you showing all of the problem areas and listing our concerns.

Contact us to learn more about our safe and effective pest control and wildlife removal services.